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Network Messaging Case Study: Manx Telecom

Network Messaging

Manx Telecom is the Isle of Man’s leading communications provider and if known for pioneering new communications technology. Manx Telecom selected C3 technology when deploying a new and improved network messaging solution for the island’s subscribers.


Manx Telecom is the largest telecommunications and Internet provider on the Isle of Man, offering a full range of fixed line, mobile, and data services to consumers and businesses. Over the last ten years the company has invested £120 million in the Island’s telecommunications infrastructure. A key element of its investment has been £25 million designing and building a Next Generation Network (NGN). Based on Internet Protocol (IP), the NGN will enable Manx Telecom to offer its personal and business customers on the Isle of Man the ability to access and manipulate voice, data, television, and video, on one seamless converged network.


The Solution

Manx Telecom launches enhanced network messaging solution for Isle of Man customers

  • Manx Telecom chooses Cambridge-based telecommunications specialist C3 to develop fully customised network messaging solution
  • The new platform has been fully integrated into Manx Telecom’s IMS Alcatel Lucent carrier infrastructure

Manx Telecom, the Isle of Man’s leading communications provider, has gone live with a new and improved network messaging solution for the island’s subscribers.

The business is known for pioneering new communication technology and has recently invested in C3’s cutting-edge Apcentia Network Messaging SIP-based platform, to offer an enhanced service to its voicemail users.

The new platform has been fully integrated into Manx Telecom’s IMS Alcatel Lucent carrier infrastructure, whilst all DTMF Menu Interfaces have been set to match the previous system, preventing any disruption to customer usage.

“We were very impressed with C3’s multi-application platform, which offers our customers a number of new and enhanced services,” said Mervyn Harvey, Mobile Product Manager Manx Telecom.

“We were very pleased with the high level of support they provided during the change-over and the minimal impact on customers at that time. The team are incredibly easy to work with and very responsive in delivering any custom changes that we requested.”

Voice is still the most widely used and profitable service for carriers, so it is paramount to have a robust communications infrastructure in place.


C3’s Network Messaging platform is a scalable and reliable solution that enables carriers to deploy fully-featured voicemail and messaging functionality to their subscribers at a significantly lower cost of ownership. The solution supports the convergence of multiple land line and mobile numbers into a single mailbox, simplifying access for users who can be alerted to new messages via SMS, email or voice. It also provides a number of significant revenue generating opportunities.

C3’s fully-customised platform enables Manx’ subscribers to manage their voice mailbox via a unified inbox, and offers them a number of new and enhanced services, including:

  • Multiple CLI-based greetings
  • Email forwarding of voice messages
  • Speaking clock • Voice recognition navigation
  • Voice mail access via the web (reducing roaming charges).

The company is also planning to introduce C3’s call recording and personalised numbering services for its subscribers.

Manx Telecom now has two mirrored C3 systems meaning it can provide a geographically resilient platform to its customers. The platform’s scalable footprint means that new applications can easily be added to the system, and the Manx technical team has been trained to use Fusion IVR - C3’s call services software - to develop their own custom features.

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